About fitIQ

fitIQ aims to enhance your WHOOP® experience by taking all of the incredible data collected by your strap and present it in new, interesting and insightful ways not covered by the WHOOP application itself.

Visualize your WHOOP data like never before

The official WHOOP app is fantastic at visualising short-term micro trends. fitIQ can do this too but it’s not its primary motive, which is visualising long-term, macro trends: patterns in sleep, training and behaviour which emerge over months and years. From day one fitIQ has been built to help you instantly view and compare all of your historical data, whether you’ve been a WHOOP member for weeks, months or years. Whether you want to compare year-on-year trends, compare this quarter to last or simply see how you’ve been doing over the last week, fitIQ has got you covered.

WHOOP® vs. fitIQ

fitIQ would not and cannot exist without WHOOP so comparing them directly doesn’t make sense! It’s easier to think of fitIQ as a complementary service providing additional insight to that which you already get from your WHOOP. The aim is for fitIQ to pick up where the WHOOP app leaves off.

Unique fitIQ features

What follows is a non-exhaustive list of features offered by fitIQ which aren’t directly available in the core WHOOP application:

  • See all of your historical data: regardless of what metrics you’re looking at you can instantly visualise your entire WHOOP history from day one right up until today.
  • Compare metrics over any time range: compare this year to last, this month to any other, today to yesterday, or chart any time range against your all-time averages and bests. The choice is yours.
  • See how complimentary metrics affect one another: we don’t want to just regurgitate stuff you can already see in the WHOOP app, which is why some of our visualisations combine different metrics in novel ways not seen anywhere else, such as our unique Strain Vs Recovery histogram.
  • Goal tracking: set weekly, monthly or annual goals against almost any WHOOP metric you can think of—even things like average resting heart rate or maximum day strains as well as more typical cumulative targets.
  • Achievement badges: with 40+ badges initially there’s something to motivate everyone from die-hard atheletes to more casual WHOOP wearers.
  • Calendar mode: view a snapshot of your annual data or deep dive into exhaustive daily detail.
  • Profile pages: while totally optional, fitIQ allows you to create your own public profile page and share with the world some of your headline stats and goal progress. Whatever you choose to share—if at all—is completely up to you.
  • Journal behaviour analysis: assess how the behaviours you record in your WHOOP journal affect more than just your recovery.

fitIQ is free to try for seven days but better with a Pro membership. Take a look around, try the demo, sign up for an account and let me know what you think!