Achievement badges

Earn 40+ badges based on your WHOOP metrics, your habits and your activities.

Rewards in all shapes and sizes

Badges come in lots of flavours to go after: some reward sleep, some reward exercise, some are serious and others still are just a bit of fun—including some hidden badges you’ll only see when (or if!) you unlock them.

Most badges reward a more healthy lifestyle…

…though some are a little more light-hearted—we’re not always perfect after all!

…and others reward the valued fitIQ Pro community ❤️

Achievement categories

Badges are currently divided up into the following categories:

  • Membership: rewards based on your WHOOP or fitIQ membership
  • General recoveries: recovery based badges
  • Workouts: rewards based on activities
  • Sleep: sleep more, earn more!
  • Challenging recoveries: not all recoveries are great, but they’re still worth celebrating
  • Strain: the harder you work, the more you earn
  • Pro only: badges exclusive to fitIQ Pro members

Share your own achievements

Badges are automatically earned for both free and Pro members, though some are Pro-only. If you want to show off your trophy cabinet, you can share your badges with the world via your public fitIQ profile.

See what badges you've earned