Explore your calendar

Get an annual overview of current and past years, jump into a specific month, or dive right into the details of individual days with fitIQ’s calendar view. Change between recovery, strain, sleep oriented colour coding for an unrivalled at-a-glance view of your metrics.

Get a birds eye view

fitIQ’s annual calendar view gives you the perfect snapshot of how your year is going or how past years went. The top three months within each year are awarded gold, silver and bronze based on recovery, sleep and strain. Drill down in an instant into a month view, or go further and dive into the details of a specific day.

Zoom in on the detail

The daily calendar view is the perfect way to get a detailed view of a specific day, listing every single available WHOOP metric and how it compares against your monthly average, along with details of any activities you logged that day, any achievements you unlocked and any goals you hit.

See which days you made count

Every calendar view rewards ‘quality’ days with a green star: days where you woke up in the green after a sleep score of 70% or more and where you hit at least 10.0 strain. Make them count!

Explore your own data calendar