The fitIQ changelog

A non-exhaustive list of fixes, features and the odd little improvement. Most recent changes listed first.

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May 2024

  • The 'At a glance' section on the dashboard has been completely revamped: stats show a lot more detail using a lot less space
  • The 'Last 30/60/90 days' section has been removed from the dashboard and replaced with your last 2/3 months of calendar data instead
  • Streaks now show the current and PB target days more clearly
  • Recovery Bingo has been removed from the dashboard - you can still find it under Achievements > Recovery Bingo
  • Team mode now features team-wide challenges
  • Badges were not being awarded for April's challenges - this is now fixed
  • Mobile navigation often caused full page reloads - this has been fixed
  • Occasional flashes of stale metrics on the dashboard have been fixed

April 2024

  • Recovery Bingo shows which of all possible 1-99% recovery scores you've hit
  • Goals now embed your last 8 weeks of progress in miniature bar chart form

March 2024

  • fitIQ for teams is now live - full blog post announcement coming soon!
  • Up to 25 of your most recent workouts now appear on your dashboard
  • Added a sleep/wake times bar chart under Metrics > Sleep

February 29th 2024

  • March's challenges are now live!

January 30th 2024

  • February's challenges are now live!

January 20th 2024

  • Added a restorative sleep chart - visible as total duration or percentage of total sleep
  • Added a sleep consistency chart
  • Added a sleep cycles chart
  • Added a sleep disturbances (also known as wake events) chart
  • Please note: consistency, sleep cycles and disturbances are only populated from today onwards - you can backfill them under My Account > Resync all my WHOOP data
  • Added consistency, cycles and disturbances to calendar view

January 11th 2024

  • New goal types: Active Days, Restorative Sleep Duration and Restorative Sleep Percentage are now live

January 10th 2024

  • Auto sync is (finally) here!
  • Your data will now sync automatically with WHOOP whenever a recovery, sleep, or activity is recorded or updated.

January 6th 2024

  • Happy New Year!
  • A small display bug sometimes showed goals as not started when they had been - this has been fixed
  • Best streaks didn't work across year boundaries (e.g. between 2023 -> 2024) - this has been fixed

December 20th 2023

  • Want to challenge yourself in 2024? fitIQ challenges are now live! Head to Achievements > Challenges to check out what January has in store 🏆

December 14th

  • The first customer testimonials are up! If you'd like to be featured too, please get in touch.
  • Sleep performance and efficiency graphs now show the appropriate statistics underneath them rather than repeating generic sleep duration data.

December 12th

  • fitIQ is no longer free: existing free users have been given an extended trial of Pro membership
  • The trends page now shows estimated values in brackets alongside actuals, so you can see where you're currently at vs. where you might be at the end of the period:

December 11th

  • A backfill process has been added to the My Account section which can be used to fill in gaps in your data
  • The trends page now allows the table to be scrolled left/right on smaller devices, rather than simply cutting off columns. This makes it a lot more useful on mobile!
  • Look out for a new hidden badge...

December 7th

  • Added a couple more badges: one hidden, one somewhat festive...
  • The respiratory rate graph now lets you choose between bar and line chart displays
  • Added a trailing x day / rolling average respiratory rate chart
  • Auto sync is being rolled out slowly to Pro members - if you'd like to participate in the beta, please contact me

December 6th

  • Added a few more badges - as usual, some are hidden until you earn them...
  • Trailing X day / rolling average graphs (see below) have been rolled out for overall recovery score and day strain
  • Average HRV goals weren't working at all. Sorry about that - they're fixed now.

December 4th

  • FitIQ now has a public roadmap where you can browse upcoming features and vote on the ones you'd like to see implemented next
  • A new 'My account' section allows you to delete your account if you've had enough of fitIQ

November 30th 2023

  • You can now sign up or sign in using your Apple account

November 29th

  • You can now sign up or sign in using your Google account

October 23rd 2023

  • You can now share almost all of your fitIQ metric charts with the click of a button!
  • Quickly and easily add add borders, backgrounds and gradients to the images you share
  • You can copy an image, download it to your device, or share it via your device's in built sharing options
  • Sharing is available to all members and works on mobile and desktop devices. Please use it to spread the word about fitIQ!

October 20th

  • Trailing X day graphs (see below) have been rolled out for Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability
  • Graph intro paragraphs are now more condensed especially on mobile views, saving a lot of precious space
  • Graph rendering has been improved a little on mobile, using a precious few extra pixels to make graphs a little wider

October 20th

  • A trailing X day red/green recovery graph is now available for all members
  • This graph is useful for smoothing out the noise in your day-to-day recovery and seeing trends in your data instead
  • Use narrow windows (like 14 days) for more accuracy in exchange for more noise, or wider windows (like 90, 180 or even 365 days) for a smoother long-term picture

September 28th 2023

  • A simple, clean, fast and sortable tabulated view of your raw fitIQ data is now available under Metrics > Your data
  • You can use this view to quickly find your bests (and worsts): recoveries, resting heart rate, strain, or any other metric you can think of

September 14th

  • Streaks now have their own page underneath Achievements > Streaks
  • Streaks show not just your PB but your top 3 on the dedicated streaks page - which gives you a bit more to aim at!

September 12th

  • A respiratory rate chart is now available to all members under Metrics > Vitals
  • Journal entries now show on the calendar view day view for Pro members
  • A brand-new Journal metrics page for Pro members shows several key metrics and the impact your behaviours have on them in visual form over time:

September 8th

  • 'Max strain by sport' is now 'Strain by activity type', and can be toggled between displaying average or max strain broken down by activity type
  • The sub navigation appearance in the main menu has been tweaked to match that of the user profile dropdown menu

August 28th 2023

  • The 'Training volume' triple stats shown underneath the graph were incorrectly calculated - this has been fixed
  • Training volume can now be split and stacked by activity type or summed as before
  • The horizontal bar charts on the training page didn't work very well so they have now been re-oriented to be vertical in keeping with the rest of the page
  • The colour scheme on these charts has been borrowed from tremor's excellent palette:

August 24th

  • Refer a friend and get a free month of Pro membership for each friend who signs up and goes Pro themselves 🤑
  • Every person you refer contributes towards a few new badges, regardless of whether they go Pro or not 🏅

August 17th

  • Almost all charts within the Metrics section now group data by day, week or month depending on your selected date range - previously some stubbornly showed data by day even when the time frame was far too large to make the visualisation useful. They should feel a lot more intuitive now
  • Charts are spaced together a little more tightly, looking especially better on smaller devices 📱
  • Some chart axes and labels weren't being formatted correctly - this has been fixed 📈

August 15th

  • Fixed a nasty bug calculating streaks which might've prevented streaks accruing and badges being earned in some rare cases
  • What do you mean I only noticed because today's the day I was due to earn my '30 day activity streak' badge? I'm offended... 😒

August 11th

  • If syncing goes wrong for any reason you'll now receive an error message indicating the likely cause

August 9th

  • Ten more badges have been added, though you might not spot them all...

August 3rd

  • You can now choose to show or hide intro paragraphs above charts in the 'Metrics' section
  • You can also choose to show or hide the statistics shown below certain charts in the 'Metrics' section
  • Calendar mode now adds a little information against each month allowing you to get a view of how that month compares to, and ranks against, other months in the year 🏆

July 31st 2023

  • You may find your streak PBs have gone down and you've lost a streak-related badge or two - this was due to a bug in streak calculation being fixed. Sorry for the bother: if something doesn't look right please let me know.
  • Two new badges are live: 'Recovery bingo' and 'Jack of all trades' - thanks for the suggestions, @curtis!
  • ...has anyone managed to get a full house yet? 🤔

July 28th

  • Journal processing is now available for all Pro users 📝

July 26th

  • Limited journal entry processing and analysis is available to a handful of alpha users. If you'd like to be one of them, please get in touch.

July 21st

  • Added six more badges and a few hidden ones too 🕵️
  • Existing badges based on 'streaks' now show the date you hit that streak
  • When viewing the details of a badge the colour of the overlay matches that of the badge
  • Removed the 'Cat Nap' badge - naps aren't yet processed via the API (it will be back!)

July 19th

  • Pro members can check out a new 'Recovery tower' visualisation - a stack of blocks representing their red, yellow and green recoveries
  • The 52 week rolling recovery calendar incorrectly classified recoveries on the border between two colours incorrectly - this is now fixed
  • Pro members now get a blue check mark on their public profile pages (if they've set one up) ✅
  • Streaks have been slightly redesigned - let me know what you think 🤔

July 17th

  • is no longer in beta! 🥳
  • Calendar links behaved strangely depending on your timezone - this is now fixed thanks to a tip-off from a Pro member

July 13th

  • Calendar mode is now availble for Pro users 🗓
  • Calendar mode provides awesome annual snapshots right down to detailed daily views allowing you to dig into your data more easily than ever - I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

July 12th

  • Average goals look a bit more intuitive, clearly showing a target marker and your current average
  • All goals look a little bit better on smaller devices

July 7th

  • 90-day recoveries shown on your dashboard have changed to 90-day statistics, including four more metrics in addition to recoveries
  • 90-day statistics are actually now X-day statistics: choose between 30, 60 and 90 day ranges
  • Added a Free Vs Pro feature and price comparison page
  • Some badges weren't displayed on your public profile if you've enabled badge sharing - that is now fixed

July 6th

  • All charts now have more appropriate labels and tooltips (e.g. hours/minutes rather than minutes for training and sleep)
  • All charts now render a little better on smaller screens, making more use of the limited device width:

July 4th

  • Any change you make to the current/previous date range filters now persist across page loads and between sessions
  • Selecting 'All time' from the quick range dropdown didn't work very well - this has been fixed 💪

July 3rd

  • The streamlined mobile sync experience (see June 29th) was too good not to port to bigger devices - so it has been
  • Badges which can only possibly be earned by Pro members are now marked as such
  • Badges you can't possibly ever earn are now hidden
  • The 'Founding member' badge - for Pro members who sign up during the Beta (which closes in two weeks (edit: the beta has now finished!)) now lasts forever, even if you cancel your Pro membership 🫡
  • Added 'A rose between two thorns' badge (go take a look to work out what it could mean!) 🌹

July 2nd

  • You can now choose to show the badges you've earned off on your public profile page
  • Badges you've recently earned now get a little visual je ne sais quoi 👨‍🎨
  • Centurion and Millennial badges now show when you earned them (if you've earned them!)

June 30th 2023

  • Light sleep percentage no longer appears or contributes towards trend scores, since - as a percentage - it's always going to be traded off against SWS and REM sleep which are more important indicators
  • Pro members can view a recovery distribution histogram 📊
  • Breadcrumbs and streaks now render a little better on mobile devices
  • The 'Millenarian' badge - though technically accurate - has now been renamed to 'Millennial'

June 29th 2023

  • The process to sync with WHOOP via the API has been massively streamlined on mobile devices
  • Clicking the fitIQ logo on mobile devices will now redirect you to your dashboard if you're logged in, rather than the home page
  • Syncing with the WHOOP API should be a little faster (for everyone) ⚡️
  • Free users can now sync twice a day (up from once a day)

June 28th 2023

  • WHOOP API access is now available to everyone! Huge thanks to the beta testers who helped flush out a few issues, and to WHOOP HQ for approving the fitIQ API application.

June 20th 2023

  • Pro members can now view resting heart rate by month - do you notice any seasonal variation? (I certainly do...)

June 7th 2023

  • 10 spots (actually 9 - I've got one of them!) are available to test API integration while WHOOP review the fitIQ API application submitted back in April. If you'd like to help test the API integraiton please do get in touch either via email or using the 'Leave feedback' link above.

June 2nd 2023

  • You can now view trends a huge range of metrics over the last six weeks, months, quarters or years on one single page 📈

May 31st 2023

  • Achievement badges are live! 🏅
  • The changelog is born 👋

May 30th 2023

  • Your data should now load more consistently quickly ⚡️
  • Goal display often broke at the start of each new week/month/year - this should now be fixed 🛠
  • Archived goals no longer count towards the free user limit of two at once
  • Goals now only show the last 6 weeks/months/years progress (streaks still rack up forever though)

May 14th 2023

  • Forwarding emails from Outlook email addresses should now work 📥
  • Forwarding HTML emails should now work
  • Forwarding base64 encoded emails should now work 👾

May 10th 2023

  • Since privacy is one of the pillars of fitIQ, let's talk about it on the homepage, not just stuffed away in a footer link 🕵️

April 27th 2023

  • You can now email your WHOOP exports directly to fitIQ! No need to open the email, download the zip file and upload it to fitIQ anymore. ⏩

Most of April 2023

  • Loaaaads of improvements and fixes 🐝

31st March 2023

  • Hello, world! 🌍