Data analysis

View and analyze your raw fitIQ data, over any time frame, sorted any which way you can think of.

Sometimes you just want to spend some time looking at the numbers. fitIQ allows you to do just that with a simple, clear table view of your raw data. No frills, no fuss, no visualizations: just data. Available for both Pro and free fitIQ members.

Find your bests (…and worsts)

Almost every column in each table is sortable: you can use this quickly find your best or worst days, your most restful nights’ sleep, or the days where you pushed yourself the hardest. Always wanted to know how many times you hit that 20+ strain score? Now you can. How about your best and worst recoveries, resting heart rate and HRV? You can do that too, and just like everything else in fitIQ, sorting is instantaneous.

Dive into the detail when you want it

Each row in the table links to your daily calendar view of your data, where you can step out of the plain data and back into the world of fitIQ’s interpretation of it instead. The choice is yours.

More coming soon

Without cluttering and overcomplicating it, there is a lot more potential for the data analysis view. Look out for filters and more complex searches coming soon.