Analyze your WHOOP journal entries

Privately assess how the journal behaviours you log in the WHOOP application affect 20 different metrics from recovery to heart rate, strain, sleep and your willingness to train.

Understand the good and the bad

WHOOP offers a fantastic ‘Insights’ feature built in to the mobile app, with a few limitations:

  1. You can’t choose which behaviours it shows you insights for
  2. You can’t ‘exclude’ a behaviour: you cannot ask “what happens when I do not do this?”
  3. You can only assess the impact on one metric: WHOOP’s overall recovery score

fitIQ’s approach is different. It allows you to self-assess the impact of any of your behaviours in any combination on 20 different metrics as opposed to just one. What do my metrics look like on days where I do stretch but I do not hydrate sufficiently? What would my metrics look like if I did not drink alcohol?

Privacy focussed

Your journal entries are never uploaded to fitIQ. If you choose to sync your journal entries, the file you provide is processed locally and the resulting data is stored locally. You can also choose to clear your journal entries at any time which will remove them from your browser’s local storage. Journal mode was designed from the ground up with privacy being the absolute number one priority.

Drill down into a single behaviour

Comparing and combining behaviours is just one way to understand them. Another is to focus exclusively on a single behaviour you know to be impactful and see the days you record it vs. the days you don’t in a single side by side view. This allows you to focus in on the positive and negative impacts of a behaviour with unparalleled clarity.

Get a visual view

Journal behaviours can also be viewed in graph form, allowing you to get a visual view of the impact they have on several key metrics over time.

More to come

Journal processing is in its infancy on fitIQ. If you want deep, guided insight, you should continue to use WHOOP’s Insight feature. The aim is to significantly improve fitIQ’s journal mode, though one thing which will never change is the fact that journal entries will never be sent to, processed, nor stored by fitIQ: they will always be processed locally and stored in your browser.