Get on a roll with WHOOP streak tracking

Don’t just get on a roll: stay on a roll with streaks which promote and reward healthy habits and let you chase your personal bests, all driven from your WHOOP metrics and recorded activities.

Beat your all-time best

Streaks aren’t just about the here and now: they also track your all time personal bests (PBs) which serve as a little extra motivation to get on track—and stay there.

Build healthy habits

Each of the four streaks tracked by fitIQ promote healthy habits:

  • Green recoveries: how many days in a row have you woken up in the green?
  • 10+ day strain: how many days in a row have you pushed yourself to a day strain of 10.0 or beyond?
  • Sufficient sleeps: how many nights in a row have you hit WHOOP’s ‘sufficient’ sleep rating—a sleep performance of 70% or more?
  • Non-red recoveries: how many days is it since your last recorded red recovery?

See and share your own streaks

Streaks are automatically tracked for both free and Pro members, with more coming soon. Take things one step further by optionally sharing your streaks with the world via your public profile page—a great way to throw down the gauntlet to your friends and family!

Chase your own personal podium

Sometimes your all-time best can feel a little out of reach, which is why fitIQ also tracks your top three bests across each streak type. You might be a way off the top step, but see if you can break into your own top three!

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