Track your trends with fitIQ

Get an at-a-glance view of how more than 20 core metrics are changing over time and instantly spot trends and patterns in your data.

Spot short or long term patterns

fitIQ’s trend view allows you to view more than 20 core metrics over the last six weeks, six months, or even—for Pro users—the last six years (if you have enough data—I don’t!).

Categorised and summarised

Metrics are grouped into five categories: wellbeing, vitals, exertion, training and sleep. Each metric is individually summarised with a simple trend arrow over the selected period and each category is summarised as either declining, stable or improving. Each period as a whole is also summarised with a single trend arrow.

Built for speed

Like every other aspect of fitIQ, the trends view is built with speed in mind even when crunching years’ worth of data—changing from six weeks to six years is instantaneous.

Understand your own long-term trends