Announcing WHOOP API Integration

It’s been a long time coming, but integration with the official WHOOP API is finally here! 🥳

So what?

By far the biggest pain point fitIQ users have put up with since launch is how they’ve had to get their WHOOP data into it:

  • Open the WHOOP app on your phone
  • Navigate a couple of screens deep
  • Request an export of all data from WHOOP
  • Wait 30 minutes or more before receiving an email containing the export
  • Download the export
  • Upload the export to fitIQ

Some users have got this down to a fine art: by setting up email forwarding and using fitIQ’s ‘inbox’ functionality, you can cut out steps 4-6. But the process is still slow and feels disconnected.


I didn’t realise WHOOP had released a public API back in September 2022 until fitIQ was live. In retrospect, I’m not sure how I missed it as it’s something I’d been after since I first joined WHOOP in 2020. As soon as I found it I got to work on an API integration which was prototyped and ready early April, at which point I submitted it for review. Since then it’s been a question of practicing a little patience and waiting for the folks over at WHOOP HQ to find the time to review it—which they kindly did last week. To their credit, they have a great API, a clear review process, clear design guidelines, and clear rules to follow. I was always hopeful that the application would be approved, I just had to wait a little while for it to get there, and I’ve dealt with some great people at WHOOP in the meantime.

On the off chance you’re a developer wanting to integrate with the WHOOP API, I would recommend submitting your application for review early and being patient while you wait. Approval isn’t an instant process nor is it guaranteed, so don’t bank on integrating one day and launching the next; make appropriate plans and set expectations accordingly.

I’m grateful for the team at WHOOP for approving the fitIQ integration. I’ve made no secret of the fact that without WHOOP, there is no fitIQ.

What this means for you

If you’re an existing fitIQ user, you’ll notice that the option to upload a WHOOP export has disappeared. Instead, you’ll be able to connect your WHOOP account directly to fitIQ via the API integration and can thereafter sync your data at the click of a button rather than the six step processed outlined earlier.

Pro members will soon be able to sync automatically, such that when new data is recorded in WHOOP it will shortly afterwards show up in fitIQ. The ability to ‘push’ data from WHOOP to fitIQ like this opens up lots of exciting possibilities for future development.

Going forwards

I am thrilled to have the WHOOP API integration available to all users. I’m hopeful that it makes the experience unrecognizably better for everyone and encourages more of the WHOOP community to join and explore fitIQ. The backlog of forthcoming features is already huge, and I hope we’re only just getting started!

— Nick