0vs. 7
Green recoveries in a row
1vs. 101
10+ day strain streak
6vs. 56
Sufficient sleeps in a row
12vs. 20
Days since a red recovery
Monthly daily average strain
On track
Last 6 months
Monthly max day strain
Work to do
Last 6 months
Monthly sleep performance
Work to do
Last 6 months
Weekly non-red recoveries
Last 6 weeks
62 bpm
Weekly resting heart rate
Work to do
Last 6 weeks
Weekly sleep performance
Work to do
Last 6 weeks
1% club
Off the mark
Work it
Founding member
Five in a row
Perfect seven
Early adopter
Pro power
1 + 1 = 1
Bounce back
10 day streak
30 day streak
100 day streak
Room 101
Take it easy
Low on gas
Go long!
Big day out
Big week
Mellow yellow
Slippery slope
No trouble
Straight and narrow
Multisport mixer
Community Builder
Rise and shine
New year, New you
Turkey trot
Twinning is winning
The early bird catches the worm
Night owl
New year, Same you
In the zone
Locked in
Zen mode
A rose between two thorns
Red instead
Advent of Exercise 2023
Try January
Staircase of Strain
Adventurous April
Extreme April
WHOOPing since
Sep 2022
Recorded recoveries
fitIQ fanatic since
Mar 2023

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