Help / Last updated 29th March 2023

fitIQ - Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance, and I understand that sharing physiological metrics might raise some questions as to how they are handled. First and foremost I am a user of fitIQ too, and I will treat your data as I would hope and expect mine to be treated elsewhere. If you have any concerns at all, please reach out for help.

Personal information collected

The only personal information collected upon sign up is your email address. The password you provide is encrypted and securely stored using industry best practices. Even if comprimised, your original password cannot be recovered.

Health metrics & physiological data collected

If you choose to import data from WHOOP by uploading a WHOOP-provided data export, only the subset of that data needed for the site to function will be securely stored and encrypted on our servers. This data is secured against unauthorised access. No data other than that currently needed by various aspects of the site is stored. In particular, no journal data whatsoever is currently processed, though this may change in future to better track how lifestyle behaviours affect wellbeing (in which case, this privacy policy will be updated). Even at such time as journal entries are processed, this will be via an explicit opt-in mechanism, and free-form journal ‘notes’ will never be processed nor imported.

Data shared with third parties

None of your personal or WHOOP data is ever shared with any third parties. If you opt-in to doing so, you may choose to share a limited overview of some of your goals, recoveries and streaks via your public profile, but this is completely optional and not enabled by default.