Help / Last updated 29th March 2023

fitIQ - Terms of use

These terms of use will be updated during the fitIQ Beta rollout. For now, the rules you agree to be bound by when using the site are simple and listed out below. If you have any concerns at all, please contact me.

Only ever import your own data

Do not under any circumstances import anyone else’s data, be it sourced from WHOOP or otherwise.

Do not manipulate any of the data you import

Importing manipulated data serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. fitIQ is all about measuring one’s own long term health and performance, not for gaming in pursuit of vanity metrics.

Pro memberships are non-refundable

The free fitIQ experience gives you enough of a taste to know whether or not the leap to Pro is worthwhile ahead of doing so; please do not sign up for a Pro membership to then turn around and demand a refund. The cost of membership is priced such that once fees are taken into account, refunds are just too expensive to process. If you are a Pro member and you’re experiencing any problems or frustrations please reach out—I want to help and I want you to enjoy fitIQ!

You are of course free to cancel your Pro membership whenever you want. You’ll still be able to use it until your renewal date is due, at which point you’ll automatically return to the free plan.