Help / Last updated 12th Dec 2023 (update refund policy)

fitIQ - Terms of use

The rules you agree to be bound by when using the site are simple and listed out below. If you have any concerns at all, please contact me.

Only ever import your own data

Do not under any circumstances import anyone else’s data, be it sourced from WHOOP or otherwise.

Do not manipulate any of the data you import

Importing manipulated data serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. fitIQ is all about measuring one’s own long term health and performance, not for gaming in pursuit of vanity metrics.

Pro memberships refundable within 14 days of purchase

Hopefully your free trial of Pro membership, combined with the Pro demo, gives you enough of a taste to know whether or not membership is worthwhile, but it’s okay to change your mind. If you do so and you’re within 14 days of purchasing Pro, please contact me and I’ll refund you for the unused days of your Pro membership. Cancelling your membership via the fitIQ website will not issue a refund, as it will only cancel your membership at the end of your current billing period.

I would ask that you do consider other alternatives before requesting a refund—fitIQ is a (very) small business and the fees involved in payment processing and refunds make them quite costly. If you are a Pro member and you’re experiencing any problems or frustrations please reach out—I want to help and I want you to enjoy fitIQ!

Termination of account

You may permanently and irreversibly delete your account by visiting My account > Delete my account. All of your fitIQ data will be permanently deleted, and, if you previously granted it, access on your behalf to the WHOOP API will be revoked.

Multiple accounts

You must not create multiple accounts on fitIQ belonging to you. Doing so may result in account suspension and after a warning, account deletion.