Supercharge your health metrics

Gain insight into your long-term health, fitness, sleep and recovery trends with fitIQ, the ultimate WHOOP® data analysis and visualisation tool. Make that insight accountable by tracking goals against your metrics and earning badges based on your behaviours.

See the bigger picture

View and analyse your entire WHOOP metric history—from your very first day to today, and everything in between. Look for long-term trends measured over months and years, not just days and weeks.

Unlimited date range flexibility.
fitIQ excels when it comes to seeing long-term, macro patterns in your physiological cycles. Query data however you want; days, weeks, months, years, or all time.
Compound metrics.
fitIQ aggregates multiple metrics together where it makes sense to do so for added extra insight.
Stand out visualisations.
From line charts to bar charts, to mixed visualisations and rolling calendar views, we’ve got it covered.

Explore your calendar PRO

Get an annual overview of current and past years, jump into a specific month, or dive right into the details of individual days.

Instant insight.
A bird's eye view of each year is a fantastic way to see how your metrics have changed over time.
Colour coded data.
Each day can be colour coded according to your recovery, strain or sleep score.
Dive into the detail.
Clicking on any day shows your full day's metrics, including your activities and any badges earned or goals completed.

Track your trends

An at-a-glance view of how your core metrics are changing over time. Easily identify trends and patterns in your data.

See what's what.
Instantly identify whether you're trending up or down compared to past months.
Categorised and summarised.
Trends are grouped into similar categories, each of which is summarised into an overall trend direction.
Over 20 core metrics are currently tracked in one single page showing the last six weeks, months, quarters or even years.

Gain unique insights

fitIQ doesn’t just regurgitate metrics you can already see in the WHOOP mobile app. Aggregating all of your data rather than just the short term allows for unique insights into long term trends and behaviours.

Strain vs. Recovery.
Where’s your Strain / Recovery sweet spot? Discover how much is too much and when you could push harder.
Learn which days of the week you tend to sleep best on and how long you spend in each sleep phase.
Which days are your most active, and how does your calorie burn break down on those days?

Privacy first and last.

I’m just as skeptical as you are about handing over my data to an untrusted party. First and foremost I’m a fitIQ user too, and I will treat your data as I would hope and expect my own to be treated elsewhere. Your data is securely stored and guarded against unauthorised access, and none of your data is shared with third parties— and never will be. You can choose to share a limited view of some of your data publicly, but doing so is entirely optional and off by default.

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Make yourself accountable

Set goals against almost any WHOOP metric you can think of. Focus on short-term aims or long term ambitions with weekly, monthly and annual goal tracking. Choose to share your goals with the world (if you want) for an extra incentive to keep on track.

Not your average goal tracking.
Set outright goal targets, or try and keep some metrics averaging under or over a certain threshold. Set any combination of weekly, monthly or annual goals.
Increased accountability.
Choose - if you want - to share your goals with the world to further motivate yourself to keep on track.
Make it stick.
Track current and past progress with goal streak tracking for that little extra incentive to go out and get that one last run in.

Gamify your health data

Earn badges based on your WHOOP metrics, your habits and your activities. Track streaks and personal bests to keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

Behaviours win badges.
Badges come in all shapes and sizes: rewarding sleep, rest, recovery, activity, and everything in between!
Light hearted motivation.
Streaks aren't meant to be taken too seriously, but you might find them surprisingly motivating!
Develop good habits.
Finding yourself a day or two away from a PB or a shiny new badge might just make you think twice about a late night or that extra drink...

Analyze your behaviours PRO

Privately assess how the journal behaviours you record in your WHOOP® application affect a range of key metrics.

Private by design.
Your journal entries are never sent to fitIQ: all data is processed and stored locally in your browser.
Include or exclude behaviours.
What do your stats look like on the days you record a behaviour? What about if you exclude those days instead?
Combine multiple behaviours.
How do your metrics vary with multiple behaviour combinations selected?

Built for speed

You might think crunching long-term data means you’re in for a lot of loading screens. But fitIQ has been designed with speed in mind and whether you’re querying a day, a month or several years’ worth of data, the experience remains near-instantaneous.

See for yourself—try the Pro demo

Frequently asked questions

What is WHOOP?

WHOOP is an advanced fitness wearable which monitors your recovery, sleep, training and health data.

What does this offer that WHOOP doesn't already?

The easiest way to think of it is like this: WHOOP is fantastic at short-term, micro trends. fitIQ excels at long-term macro analysis and insight.

Why can't I do the same things I can in the WHOOP application?

The whole point of fitIQ is to be different! If you could already do everything you needed to in the WHOOP app, this site wouldn't exist.

How do you look after my data?

Your data is securely stored in an encrypted format using industry best practices, and is secured against unauthorised access. Personal data such as journal notes are NOT processed or stored anywhere, ever.

Is the site free?

The site can be used for free with some modest limitations: you'll only be able to see a rolling six-month window of recent data, can only sync twice a day, can only track two goals at once, can't earn some achievement badges and some visualizations are restricted.

Do you share or sell my data?

Absolutely not. You may choose to share a very limited view of your profile publicly, but that's totally up to you.

Are journal entries processed?

They can be, but due to their sensitivity journal entries are only ever processed and stored locally and must be manually uploaded by you as they are not available via the WHOOP API. None of this data is ever sent to fitIQ's servers.

Why are my Strength Trainer workouts not showing up?

Unfortunately, Strength Trainer workouts are not currently returned via calls to the WHOOP API. As soon as this changes, they will be visible in fitIQ. Normal strength training activities are visible: you can manually add one in the WHOOP app if you want to track something in fitIQ.

Made by fanatics. Made for fanatics.

I’m (@nick) a long-time WHOOP user, avid fitness fanatic and data geek. fitIQ was born out of a desire to scratch my own itch and go way beyond what I could see in the WHOOP mobile application. The site today is just the beginning, with new visualisations, insights and ways to dig into your data coming as fast as I can build them.

Pro membership from only 2.50 per month

Get a whole year of Pro for just 30, or try it for 5 a month.

fitIQ is free to use but even better with a Pro subscription. With an annual plan costing less than a coffee per month and a stack of Pro-only extras, Pro members get so much more.

Unlimited historical data & sync frequency
Free users are limited to a six month rolling view of their data. Pro members can see and analyse it all, querying years worth of data in an instant.
Unlimited goal tracking
Goals are proven motivators for staying on track - free users can track two separate goals where Pro members can track as many as they want.
Pro-only achievement badges
Pros get some badges just for being Pros, but they can also unlock those which need more than a six month window of data to achieve.
Exclusive features
Pro members get exclusive access to Calendar and Journal modes as well as exclusive visualizations.
Prioritised support and feature requests
fitIQ is new and there is a lot to do! Pro members receive priority support and can influence the direction of the app.
Support independent development
fitIQ is a labour of love, but it is also a lot of work. Pro members help make the continued development of the site sustainable.
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